A catch up with Mr. Ben….Beans on Toast and a new album on the way.

Life Drawing | Mr. Ben & the Bens

Our Clunk friends Mr. Ben and the Bens have been busy. A new album is released on July the 10th entitled ‘Life Drawing’. We have had a little catch up with Ben on the album and the Saturday morning TV show Beans on Toast.

Hi Ben, always good to welcome you into the Clunk Universe.

How are you Ben? I have been rather concerned about any injuries since seeing the intro to Beans On Toast……you know the bit where you’re bumping down the stairs in those tight shorts. Are you finding that you can now hit higher notes?

All good here. Yes, totaly pragmatic stair bum slide. Has really helped my vocal range.

Beans On Toast is of course a return to proper Saturday morning TV. Will there be a BOT Annual to purchase for our Christmas stockings?

Theres nothing in line at the moment but that would be a great shout, we’re working on some certificates and badges, blue peter style at the mo.

We used to have Swap Shop and Tiswas for Saturday morning tele. I see Beans On Toast and it seems to take me back to the late 70s/early 80s. You’re too young for that era so where did you get the inspiration for it?

Yes! We’d be seen a couple of Tiswas episodes prior and I think the gallery section is pretty much a straight rip haha. We definitely had ‘SMTV’ in mind which was a bit more our era, a bit of Blue Peter’’, maybe ‘The Tube’ as well. I think the format just works really well as its quite disarming due to how silly it is, so becomes quite a liberating way to combine lots of different content throught the lens of children’s tv show presenters.

You seem to have had a busy few months. You release a new album on July the 10th. You seem to have used Lockdown as a creative time?

Yeah I feel very blessed to be able just keep plugging away at stuff, one of the lucky ones!

The album is called ‘Life Drawing’. Why has it that title? Who did the artwork? Is there going to be a release day party online? Is there a physical copy we can get our mitts on?

The songs are supposed to be like little sketches of vignettes of characters in an imaginary town, so I really liked the phrase ‘life drawing’ as a way of describing the process of writing. And yeah I made the artwork in my studio, it’s a carved slipware plate, quite an old simple process for making ceramics, with a medieval, mappa mundi inspired map.

Potentially! Our rehearsal rooms have been locked for lockdown, with the majority of our gear is trapped in there. Yes there’s a white vinyl available from all independent record shops and a cd too.

What do you consider to be the best TV theme out of these from way back when …Captain Scarlet, The Persuaders or UFO?

The Persuaders

Any bands/artists that we need to be checking out?

The whole of Bingo Records!

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. We hope to see you in September when you are scheduled to tour. Fingers crossed it goes ahead.

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