Answers to Clunk Coffee Time Pop Quiz from last week

1) q Who released the album ” Red Rose Speedway ” featuring the hit song ” My Love ” in 1973 ? a Wings.

2) q ” Nobody does it better ” was a James Bond theme from 1977, sung by whom ? a Carly Simon

3) q ” Which British male released his first album in May 2014 entitled ” In the Lonely Hour ” a Sam Smith.

4) q Which Smiths album features the name of a Northern prison ? a ” Strangeways here we come “

5) q David Ball was one half of which early 1980’s synth pop duo ? a Soft Cell.

6) q The single ” Electricity ” and ” Enola Gay ” were singles from the end of the 1970’s / start of the 1980’s by which band from The Wirral ? Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark .

7) q Which two singing legends duetted on the song ” Girl from the North Country ” ? a Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

8) q Which Undertones single featured a Subbuteo player on the front cover ? a My perfect cousin

9) q The Ronan Keeting song ” When you say nothing at all ” features in which film set in London ? a Notting Hill .

10) q Demob Happy, Lighthouse Family and The Animals are all bands from which English city ? a Newcastle.

11) ‘Heathcliff’, and ‘Cathy’ are characters in which song by Kate Bush, based upon the book by Emily Bronte? Wuthering Heights

12) Bowie’s Diamond Dogs features songs such as ‘We Are The Dead’, ‘1984’, and ‘Big Brother’. All of these songs reference the book 1984, by whom? George Orwell

13) Tomorrow Never Knows is the psychedelic masterpiece that closes Revolver. “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream” and many other lyrics were adapted from where? Tibetan Book of the Dead

14) Pet Sematary was (surprisingly) The Ramones’ biggest hit. It was released as the soundtrack to a film adaptation of a book of the same name by, which author? Steven King

15) Grace Slick’s lyrics for Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit make many references to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and the follow up Through the Looking Glass. Who wrote these books? Lewis Carroll

16) A copy of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, a novel portraying the devil visiting the Soviet Union, was given to Mick Jagger by Marianne Faithfull. Which Stones classic was a result? Sympathy for the Devil

17) Handwritten, the fourth album by the Gaslight Anthem features several bookish songs, and even has the cover notes written by a celebrated author. The author wrote books such as ‘High Fidelity’, ‘Fever Pitch’, and ‘About a Boy’. Who is he? Nick Hornby

18) Mr. Writer was a 2001 single for which Welsh band? The Stereophonics

19) Why was Richard Melville Hall given the name ‘Moby’? He is related to (great great great nephew of) Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick

20) Love Story by Taylor Swift is one of many many re-tellings of which Shakespeare tale? Romeo and Juliet

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