Chork release new tune ‘Old New Love’ today. A few words then a listen…..

So, I stuck this new tune from Chork on whilst the Clunk team were at the table. I let it run for a couple of minutes before asking ‘What do you think of that?’ A head was raised from the laptop work going on, a nod of approval followed by ‘ yeah, it’s alright, a catchy little number’. Now, it’s quite important how you read the ‘it’s alright’ bit. It wasn’t the ‘it’s alright’ in the ‘yeah, I suppose it’s okay’ kind of way. It was a much more upbeat and positive ‘it’s alright’. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding. Basically, it’s gone down well at the Clunk table so give it a listen and if you like it then download it! It’s out today and it’s called ‘Old New Love’.

Find Chork on the following platforms:
Amazing Tunes

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