Clunk Coffee Break Pop Quiz Answers. Hold your excitement. Set by the Clunk Dynamic Duo Geoff n Jude.

1) What was the Christian name of the Pinball Wizard ? Tommy.

2) This Liverpool band released their debut album in 1987 which made number two in the charts, and their first five singles all reached the top 40. Maybe best known a cover of the Isley Brothers ” Harvest for the World “, who were they ? The Christians.

3) According to the 1971 Cher song  ” Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves “, ” Every night the men would come around …. ” and do what ? Lay the money down.

4) Which American female vocalist released the single ” Fast Car ” in 1988 ? Tracey Chapman.

5) Often described as Britain’s finest R & B band, with hits like ” Milk and Alcohol ” and ” Down at the Doctors “, which island in the Thames estuary were Doctor Feelgood from ? Canvey Island

6) Altered Images were a Glasgow post-punk band. They achieved three single in the top ten of the charts. Name two of them . Happy Birthday, I could be happy, Don’t talk me about love .

7) Which duo released ” Blue Savannah ” in 1990 ? Erasure

8) The band  ” Ugly Rumours ” had which famous person ( ex-Fettes ) as their lead vocalist ? Tony Blair

9) Lindisfarne released the single  ” Fog on the Tyne ” in 1971, but who had a version of it in 1990 ? Paul Gasgoine

10) Which Irish band toured with Tom Robinson in 1978, and released their first album Inflammable material in 1979 ? Stiff Little Fingers.

11) Which three-time Mercury nominated singer and multi-instrumentalist has released albums including ‘One Breath’, ‘Hunter’ and ‘Hunted’, as well as singles like ‘Don’t beat the Girl out of my Boy’, and composed the soundtrack to series 5 of ‘Peaky Blinders’? Anna Calvi

12) Which British rapper (sadly recently departed due to complications following coronavirus) was nominated for a Mercury for his 2004 album ‘Upwards’? Ty

13) Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and the Appleton sisters made up which 90s/00s girl-band? All Saints

14) Which record-breaking performer has had hits including a cover of Dylan’s ‘To Make You Feel My Love’? Adele

15) Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper recorded albums including ‘Alright, Still’ and ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ and is more commonly known by her maiden name. Who is she? Lily Allen

16) Hassall, Doherty, Barat and Powell make up which band? The Libertines

17) Which Dance duo won the Brit Awards ‘Best Dance Act’ in 2002 and 2004, and had hits including ‘Romeo’, ‘Where’s Your Head At’ and ‘Good Luck’? Basement Jaxx

18) Which early garage performers made it through the night with ‘A Little Bit Of Luck’, back in 1999? DJ Luck and MC Neat

19) Which synth-pop group have had hits including ‘Ready for the Floor’, ‘Over and Over’, ‘One Life Stand’ and the 2019 ‘Hungry Child’? Hot Chip

20) What links the previous 9 questions? London

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