Coffee Break Quiz answers for last week.

  1. On Desert Island Discs, Bruce Springsteen declared that if he could only have one song on his desert island it would be which track from the 1975 album ” Blood on the Tracks “? Tangled up in Blue .

2) Abba won the Eurovision song contest for Sweden with the song ” Waterloo “. In which sea side town in Britain was the contest held that year?

3) According to The Kinks song ” Waterloo Sunset “. where and when does Terry meet Julie? Waterloo station, every Friday night.

4) When asked what was his favourite subject at school, what did Mick Jagger reply? Geography.

5) In which band was Roddy Radiation in the late 1970’s? The Specials.

6) Along with Hank Marvin, name two other members of The Shadows. Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett.

7) Often referred to as a Blues Legend, who performed ” Crawling King Snake “, ” Boom, Boom ” and ” One Bourbon, One scotch, One Beer “? John Lee Hooker.

8) Which band from West Bromwich has been described as ” the most heavy metal, heavy metal band of them all “? Judas Priest.

9) ” Out on the floor ” ( Dobie Gray ), ” You didn’t say a word ( Yvonne Baker ) and ” Girls are out to get you ” ( The Fascinations ) are dance classics from which genre of Northern popular music? Northern Soul.

10) Which one of these T. Rex singles did not get to number one in the UK singles charts. Hot Love, Jeepster, Metal Guru, Telegram Sam? Jeepster only got to number 2.

11) Austrian born Gotye had a number 1 in 2011 with which song? Somebody That I Used To Know

12) “All the other kids in their….” Are the lyrics to which Foster the People hit? Pumped Up Kicks

13) Omi had a reggae infused hit in 2014 dedicated to which type of performer, often seen at American Football games? Cheerleader

14) Which member of Stacey’s family had it “going on” in Fountains of Wayne’s well known single? Stacey’s Mom

15) Michael Andrews and Gary Jules covered which Tears for Fears track for the soundtrack to Donnie Darko, taking it to number 1 in 2003? Mad World

16) A Levi’s jeans advert in 1999 fronted by the puppet ‘Flat Eric’ led to an unlikely number 1 for the French DJ Mr. Oizo. What was the name of the song? Flat Beat

17) Which novelty hit for Joe Dolce kept Ultravox’s Vienna from number 1 in 1981? Shaddap You Face

18) Life Fires is an anagram for which Owl City song from 2009? Fireflies

19) House Every Weekend hit number one in 2015, and has had something of a comeback in these times of lockdown. The performer was named after David Bowie, what was his name? He was named ‘David Zowie Ziggy Stardust Aladdin Sane Thin White Duke Twig The Wonder Kid’ until his mother changed his name by deed poll to David Zowie Canada Batt. The single was released as David Zowie.

20) What links these previous nine questions? All UK one-hit wonders.

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