It’s the Clunk Coffee Time Pop Quiz with the Batman and Robin of all Question Masters…Geoff n Jude

The Album cover collection no.2

1) Which race was the subject of a Kraftwerk single in 1983 ?

2) ” Look sharp ” and ” Night and Day ” were albums in 1979 by which English singer -songwriter ?

3) The British a capella group ” The Flying Pickets had a Christmas Number one single in 1983 with ” Only You “, a cover version of the song by who ?

4) Rami Malek played which rock star in a 2018 film which bore the name of one of the singer’s band’s most memorable hits ?

5) Which British male singer- songwriter did the BBC describe in 2007 as ” one of the most revered music writers and performers of the past thirty years ” ?

6) Who was the first band since The Beatles to perform both sides of the same single on one edition of Top of the Pops ? ( early 1980s )

7) Who sung ” Marrakesh Express “, released from an album in 1969 ?

8) What happened on a dairy farm in Bethel, New York in 1969 ?

9) Which Sheffield band had three top ten hits during 1982 ?

10) Released in the 1980’s the singles ” Once in a lifetime ” and ” Road to Nowhere ” were the best selling singles by which American New Wave band ?

11) name the second album by Amy Winehouse.

12) which boy band had 3 number 1 singles with ‘Too close’, ‘If you come back’ and ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’ (feat. Elton John)?

13) and Fergie were among the members of which band?

14) What was the name of Eiffel’s catchy 1999 smash hit single?

15) Name the debut album by Frank Ocean, released in 2012.

16) Who recorded the original version of ‘Spirit in the Sky’, a number 1 in 1970?

17) Which band had a big hit in 1994 with ‘Breakfast at Tiffanies’?

18) My Chemical Romance had a number 1 single in the UK and a hit album with a very similar name. The single was called ‘Welcome to the [album name]. What was the name of the album?

19) What album did The Beautiful South hits ‘Rotterdam’ and ‘Don’t Marry Her’ come from?

20) What links the previous nine questions?

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