It’s the Coffee Break Pop Quiz set by the Clunk Dynamic Duo Geoff n Jude.

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Geoff n Jude say ‘keep at least 5 flowerpots apart’

1)  Lyrically what connects Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and Jerry Dammers ?  

2) The poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, when interviewed recently for  ” Desert Island Discs ” only included what could be called two popular music songs. One was by Joy Division and one was by Soft Cell ? Any ideas ?  

3)  What links Bob Harris, Annie Nightingale, Andy Kershaw, David Hepworth, Mark Ellen and Richard Skinner ?     

4) Of all of Madonna’s number one singles in the 1980’s and 1990’s, if they were arranged alphabetically, which would come last in the list ? 

5) Which British band’s second, third and fourth singles were  ” Water of Love “, ” Lady Writer ” and ” Romeo and Juliet ” ?

6) Of the four studio albums released by The Smiths, three reached number two in the album charts, and one reached number one. Which was that album ? 

7) Whilst the Market Hall was an established concert venue in Carlisle, which venue ( which is currently a restaurant)  hosted acts such as Black Sabbath ?

8) Which English band formed in London in the late 1970’s released their first three albums ” Journeys to Glory “,  ” Diamond ” and ” True ” ? 

9) LaDonna Adrian Gaines, often referred to as The Queen of Disco, was better known by her stage name – what was it ?

10) Which English band played their last actual concert (in front of fans ) in Candlestick Park, San Francisco ?

11) ‘SexyBack’ and ‘Mirrors’ are the two UK number one singles sung by which ex member of boy-band *N-Sync?

12) ‘Girl Power’ was a slogan for which 90s girl-band, with 9 UK number one singles and 2 UK number one albums to their name?

13) Which singer has had the most UK number 1 singles, with a total of 21?

14) Which singer has had the most UK number 1 singles of any female, with a total of 13?

15) ‘Shape of You’ is the biggest ever selling single in the world based on downloads alone. Who sang it?

16) Which New Zealand singer is working on their third album, after the successes of ‘Pure Heroine’ and ‘Melodrama’? The former of these albums included ‘Royals’, a single which went on to sell over 10 million digital copies.

17) Which US singer had the biggest selling single in the world for 2019 with ‘Bad Guy’?

18) Which song is regarded as the biggest selling single of all time, with Guinness World Records reporting over 50 million sales?

19) Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ is the biggest selling album of all time, but which Australia/UK hard-rock band are at number two on the list, with their 1980 release?

20) Only two albums released this century have sold over 30 million copies. One is the Beatles collection of number 1 singles, ‘1’. The other also has a numerical title, ‘21’. Who is this by?

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