Mango In Euphoria….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview

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Hello Mango in Euphoria….welcome to the Clunk universe.

Hello David, nice to meet you!

Please tell us a little, or a lot, about yourself. For example… where did you grow up, what music did you grow up listening to, where are you based now?

So I was born in Paris suburbs but raised in the South Of France from 8 years old as far as I remember. Most of my family stayed in Paris so I kept going back and forth to the big city. Between 2016-2017, I’ve lived for 3 months in Portsmouth in the South of England, and travelled a lot to Netherlands. Then in 2018, when I turned 22 and really got bored in France, I packed my things to go live under the sunshine of Florida for more than a year – I was working in Orlando and I travelled in 12 US states in total, and also went to Cuba and Mexico. I worked really hard to be able to do all of it, but these are also the best years of my life as the experience it brought me still helps me during my creative process. I wasn’t recording when living abroad, but I was writing thousand of crazy things, and it could either be a cheesy (or shitty) romantic experience or just a random encounter with a homeless man who had a lot to teach me in New Orleans.

I grew up listening to French and English music. My father was listening to WHAM and George Michael and my mother was a huge fan of David Bowie and saw him live a couple of times. There was a lot of Vanessa Paradis’s music playing on the radio too, and I think she’s one of my favourite French Artist. I love her voice, and you can feel that she’s a genuine person, she’s so passionate and the beauty of her soul is reflecting through any interview that I watched from her. I think the song ‘Tandem’ created by Serge Gainsbourg is a masterpiece. Then, when I was 18, I got obsessed by The Runaways, the previous band of Joan Jett. It showed the power of women on the rock music scene and it was really inspiring when I created my first unreleased demos.

Now my taste of music is very eclectic, you can find different artists and different genres in my playlists. You can find some Die Antwoord music then hear a track from Joan Jett on shuffle, and Lana Del Rey is going to appear at some point.

I am now residing in London! And it’s been almost two years now!

The video for ‘Crystals’ shows that image is important. Is Mango in Euphoria an imagined character or is it you?

Mango In Euphoria is purely me but I’ve built for her a cool world to match with the music. I would say ‘branding’ is important, it’s your identity – but it came naturally, as my art is coming from my imagination. When I listen to one of my songs, I already know what kind of visual I want to create. I don’t overthink it. I have ideas straight away!

The cover of ‘Heart Shaped Glasses’ suggests that you are a Marilyn Manson fan? Would that be correct and which artists do you find inspirational?

I admired Marilyn Manson’s art growing up because it made me feel less like a misfit. He has a few great songs. I was inspired a lot on the musical side.

Lana Del Rey is a big inspiration as well, she’s creating dream pop and she’s unapologetic too. She just wants to do her thing and she doesn’t have to try too hard to be unique, it’s a genuine artist – no matter what people would think of her. I don’t care, I admire her.

I don’t know if you heard about Grimes, but her quirky style… I love it too.

My music is a mix of all of that but thanks to my Belgian producer Philippe Francq that I met when I was 18 years old, I’ve discovered David Lynch, The Cure, and Garbage, and it gives a very outstanding style to my tracks. ‘Crystals’ for example, has strong Twin Peaks vibes.

The latest release is ‘Never Be The Same’. Could you tell us about the song and how it came about?

It is about being proud of who I am today because I’ve been through a lot of crap. Being judged during so many years because of how weird I was just made me raise my game. Anybody who will stand up against me won’t matter.

Never Be the Same also contains some cheeky references, like the copycats or ex-friends. Copycats are people who love what you do, they just hate that it’s you, and they absorb everything you’re creating. But they will never have your craziness or your consistency. The song is an anthem against sh*tty people in general. Or people who don’t deserve to be in your life because they criticize everything that you do.

Just celebrate yourself and be happy. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. This is what we need, in this world. Authenticity. This track is an empowering song created for the weirdos.

The video for the ‘Never Be The Same’ is out on February 5th. What can we expect to see? Or is top secret?

Yaaay! It’s out on my birthday!

You can expect to see a lot of glitters and craziness matching with wonderful visuals created by Agostina Cerullo and Laura Piva. Agostina is an amazing Argentinian artist and she knows to capture the soul of a human being. This is why I choose to work with her after having a nice experience posing for her as a model. Laura is an outstanding artist too and that’s why she matches perfectly with Agostina’s work.

I was inspired by the DC character Harley Quinn for this video and it added a little bit of spice to the Mango In Euphoria style. Harley was already mentioned in Crystals, in the verse saying “Harley’s here for you, she wants the right man” so I thought it would be fun to include her in Never Be the Same.

Did you come up with ideas for more songs and style ideas during lockdown?

I can always evolve with my style but you will always recognize Mango In Euphoria through it. And about the songs, I have a pile of them. I don’t exactly know yet when I’m going to drop this one or this one, but I know it will be out there and heard some day. I wrote many songs during the lockdown as I always create new melodies, and I am always writing my thoughts down. I mainly compose a mix of Electronic Rock and Dream Pop music.

Do you have more releases to come during 2021?

Absolutely. And I can’t wait to share them. My first recordings have been made remotely with my producer and I only had a very basic microphone with me, but the songs are unique.

The third single will also have some Twin Peaks vibes in the instrumental, but the lyrics are very explicit and personal.

If you could share a stage with any band/artist which would it be and why?

I think it would be Grimes. I would love to follow her in her energy. We’d have a nice party time.

If we come to your neck of the woods for a weekend what are we going to do? You are the Entertainments Committee!

I hate cooking so we would order a lot of good food. We would put some music out loud and have some drinks. Speaking about that, I can’t wait for the pandemic to be over because dancing and partying with my best friends are my therapy in addition of making music.

Thank you so much for taking the time with Clunk. Don’t forget to pencil in Carlisle when it’s time for a tour!

I am not going on Tour yet but I’m playing at The Amersham Arms in London on May 8th 2021, and it’s probably going to be a social distanced gig, but for now it’s still happening. It will be my first time playing with my backing band and I’m so excited. Head over to my website or Facebook page to get tickets!

Thanks for your interest in my music, David!

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