The Clunk Coffee Time Pop Quiz answers from last week

1) Which football song was released in May 1990 and reached Number One on 3rd June 1990, featuring John Barnes, Les Allen and New Order? ” World in Motion “.

2) The jazz album ” Kind of Blue “, released in 1959, holds which accolade? Best selling Jazz album ever.

3) Which Queen album was named after a musical genre (relating to Question 2!). Jazz.

4) Which European reached the singles charts top ten in January 1976 with ” Happy to be on an island in the sun “? Demis Roussos

5) Which famous night club and music venue was based at Whitworth Street West in Manchester from 1982 to 1997? Hacienda.

6) Who’s opening line was ” In France a skinny man dies of a big disease with a little name? Prince – Sign o’ the times.

7) The Glen Cambell song ” Galveston ” refers to which war? Vietnam war.

8) Which 1970’s band released the albums ” London Town “, ” Red Rose Speedway ” and ” Band on the Run ” amongst many others? Wings.

9) What does Ringo Star have in common with the recently deceased Michael Angelis? Both narrators of Thomas the Tank Engine .

10) Sade’s first two albums, ” Diamond Life ” and ” Promise ” were accompanied by a top ten single named what? Your Love is King .

11) Some Friendly

12) Kendal

13) The It Girl

14) Ezra Furman

15) Music industry blackout in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

16) Eye To The Telescope

17) PINS

18) Unknown Pleasures – although Peter Hook did hint that one would be following at some point for Closer


20) Dig Your Own Hole

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