The Clunk Coffee Time Pop Quiz. Set by the Clunk Dynamic Duo Geoff n Jude.

1) Which football song was released in May 1990 and reached Number One on 3rd June 1990, featuring John Barnes, Les Allen and New Order ?

2) The jazz album ” Kind of Blue “, released in 1959, holds which accolade ?

3) Which Queen album was named after a musical genre ( relating to Question 2 ! ).

4) Which European reached the singles charts top ten in January 1976 with ” Happy to be on an island in the sun ” ?

5) Which famous night club and music venue was based at Whitworth Street West in Manchester from 1982 to 1997 ?

6) Who’s opening line was ” In France a skinny man dies of a big disease with a little name ?

7) The Glen Cambell song ” Galveston ” refers to which war ?

8) Which 1970’s band released the albums ” London Town “, ” Red Rose Speedway ” and ” Band on the Run ” amongst many others ?

9) What does Ringo Star have in common with the recently deceased Michael Angelis ?

10) Sade’s first two albums, ” Diamond Life ” and ” Promise ” were accompanied by a top ten single named what ?

Before 11 to 20 a message from Clunk Jude

Tim’s twitter listening parties have been one of the joys of recent months. Thousands upon thousands of people have been joining in. The idea being that everybody presses play/drops the needle at the same time, and tweets about the music. Many of the artists who recorded the albums, and others associated with the making of these records, have been sharing their insights into how they came to be.

To give a plug to Tim Burgess and all the work he has been doing: follow him on twitter, and check out the replay page on his website as you can look back through the listening parties at your leisure and play the album along with them, follow the links from there to find the upcoming parties too.

And now ….on with the quiz

11) Tim Burgess started the current run of listening parties with one of his own band’s records, but which Charlatans record was it? Hint: It was their 1990 debut, featuring ‘The Only One I Know’ and ‘Sproston Green’.

12) Bonehead from Oasis, and Brian Cannon (Microdot Creative – designer of sleeves, music videos, logos etc for the likes of Oasis, The Verve, Jagwar Ma and many more) tweeted us through the inside story of the making of several of Oasis’s classic albums in some of the biggest listening parties to date; but which Cumbrian town does Brian live and work in? Hint: the Microdot shop has the address ‘3, New Shambles, LA9 4TS’

13) Which britpop classic did Sleeper talk us through on Sunday the 3rd of May?

14) Long championed by Clunk Jude, which New York punk rocker went through their magnificent ‘Transangelic Exodus’ album with us on the 1st of June?

15) The only day since the listening parties started which has been devoid of any, was Tuesday June the 2nd. Why were there no listening parties on this day?

16) Which KT Tunstall 4.5 million selling debut album was played on Sunday the 24th of May?

17) Faves of our spiritual leader; Clunk Dave, which Manchester band offered insight into their 2015 cut ‘Wild Nights’ earlier on the same Sunday?

18) Which Joy Division album is the only to receive a listening party to date?

19) ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ was listened through with which band?

20) The Chemical Brothers talked through their second album, featuring songs such as ‘Setting Sun’ and ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’. What is the name of this album?

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