10 albums to discover/re-visit. A New Feature

Here is a new feature for a bit of fun. With many of us isolated there is the opportunity to share some albums to recommend to discover/re-visit. Other friends of Clunk will be contributing to this feature over the weeks to come.  Clunk will kick it off….

  1. David Bowie…The Man Who Sold The World.

Pre Ziggy Stardust Glam pop, this album is full of sharp wit, fantasy, insanity, alienation and some hefty guitar. ‘Let’s Dance’ it aint!

2) Roxy Music…..Viva

A live album from the days before Roxy became the commercial success of the crooning late 70s. Worth it just for a great version of ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache’

3) Girl Band….Holding Hands With Jamie

A girl band they are most definitely not. Be prepared for some noise. The explosive guitar and drums all come together with Dara’s unhinged delivery. Brace Yourself.

4) Tropical Fuck Storm…..Braindrops

Oddly tuned guitar sounds, A bit grunge, a bit funky, a bit punk. Lots of bits that make up an interesting whole. Great front cover too.

5) Crack Cloud….Crack Cloud

A collective of recovering addicts tell their stories with relentless energy. Two early Eps come together for this album.

6) ILL…..We Are ILL

Politics, humour, noise and rhythm. As Clunk Clare wrote in the review of the album ‘listening to Ill at 6.45, Monday morning, full volume will probably make you sh** yourself’

Advisory: Listen when chopping vegetables to relieve some of that pent up aggression. Wise words Clunk Clare.

7) Eels…..Beautiful Freak

In 1996 this was somewhat eccentric and original and maybe a touch sad.

8) Bilge Pump…..We Love You

Let it seep in and you might just love it. Noisy, infectious, deliberately messy in places.

9) Bauhaus….1979-1983

It’s a compilation, I know! A gothic house of sound that Bowie didn’t go to. Worth a listen just for the track ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’.


Synth rock, funky drums, cinematic. Big tunes, big grooves.

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