Future Cavemen….and a bulky synth make a little cracker.

FUTURE CAVEMEN confirms a new EP: ‘II’, out 25 March 2022 via the Tough Candy. There’s a new single out now ‘Gypsy Curse’ and it gets the thumbs around the DeClunk HQ table.

Shouldering a Dandy Warhols-eseque leather-clad cool and vortexing synthesisers straight out of a retro arcade game that Grandaddy would surely approve-of, “Gypsy Curse” is a bewitching alternative-rock cut that will ensnare from the moment go.

Written in a flat-share in an unassuming London estate, it would be the chance acquisition of a vintage synthesiser from a stranger on GumTree that would take “Gypsy Curse” out of its humdrum setting and transform it into something otherworldly. As Joe Tennant says:

“Lyrically, it’s partly autobiographical, part truth, part fiction… I had just purchased a vintage synth (my first synth) from a middle aged man on Gumtree – seemed like a good deal. I remember carrying it home with the bus, it was extremely bulky.”

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