Pit Pony release new single and the debut album is on the way.

We always look forward to hearing new music from Pit Pony. The big news is that there is a debut album on the way. It’s title is World To Me and is released on July 1st. It comes in a rather lovely limited red and black deep smoke vinyl and it’s bound to be a cracker. There’s a new single too, it’s called ‘Supermarket’. It kicks off with a steady bass line and leads into all out frantic attack as the song builds. Have a listen below. Here’s what Jackie has to say

“This one is a bit more of a storytelling exercise. Spliced experience to make a bit of narrative about two people with unfinished business or perhaps things unsaid but not to be resolved, or are they? Andrew (guitarist) brought the basis of the song which has a very strong krautrock vibe with the motorik beat and same bass throughout.

“The monotonous start and heavy repetition really leant itself to that kind of everyday kitchen sink narrative. It then slowly gets more frenetic over time and wild towards the end, like most tumultuous relationships do. In terms of influence I’d just read/watched Normal People by Sally Rooney and been listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore album so take from that what you will.”

You can get your copy here


Here’s a DeClunk Q & A with the band from a couple of years ago

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