New Alan Vega video for ‘Muscles’.

A few weeks ago Clunk gave you the news of the lost works of Alan Vega. The album ‘Mutator’ is out now and so is the a video for the track ‘Muscles’.

The Vega Vault’s creative director Michael Handis and film director Douglas Hart (The Jesus and Mary Chain) have teamed up for a moving archival video homage for Mutator single, “Muscles”. Hart reveals, “When I was 15 years old, an arts show on British TV called ‘Riverside’ showed the video for Suicide’s ‘Frankie Teardrop.’ This video became for me the nexus between music and images… Those sounds and frames have haunted and sustained me for 40 years. So to be involved in bringing the Vega Vault to life for ‘Muscles’ blows my f**king mind – a dream project for me.”

Handis adds, “The Vega Vault’s visual collection showcases the true spectrum of Alan Vega’s persona with intimacy – the artist, the poet, the musician, the style icon, the unifier, the polarizer. Douglas Hart’s touch pushes these rare and unseen images beyond their digital threshold, mutating static stills into a full-on optical assault. This kinetic approach to the archival photography mirrors the blazing spirit of Alan Vega – primitive yet simultaneously futuristic. And totally cathartic.”

Mutator is out now via Sacred Bones Records in partnership with Saturn Strip, LTD.

Order Mutator here:

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