DeClunk intrepid gig goer Jude reports from The Mysterines shindig.

Remember back when lockdown seemed quite exciting and new? I don’t know what you were listening to but here at 37 De-Clunk Apartments it was the Mysterines sublime first single ‘Love’s Not Enough’ that soundtracked the first coronavirus lockdown. It was with excitement, then, that tickets to see the band live were purchased.Then came the rest of the lockdowns and semi lockdowns that dragged on and on and on. The show was scheduled and re-scheduled more times than I can remember, until we thought we were ready to go in October. Then, on the day, it was again postponed for moral reasons after the band had discovered that the ownership of the original venue was linked to sexual impropriety.Finally, on Friday night, we were on!First up the support. Trunky Juno. It’s been a long while since I saw a support band hold the attendance of the audience so well. Richard Ashcroft maybe? Very different from the Mysterines, they took inspiration from blissed out West-Coast surf music, Noughties punk-pop, 70s classic rock, 80s synths, and a whole host of other areas. They combined these in perfectly crafted songs full of wit and humour. Currently on the likes of YouTube and Spotify, they’re hoping to have some music out on physical formats next year. This De-Clunker is very excited!Then the main act. The Mysterines were superb. Only a few singles into their career, yet the Newcastle Students Union was packed. And energetic.Thumping bass and drums mixed with heavy guitars gave the perfect grungy backing to Lia Metcalfe’s strong melodic vocals. No wonder they’ve been compared to Nirvana by many. Its not often you see a band early on and feel like they are on the cusp of a wave, but that was certainly the feeling here, and I’m sure the teenage moshpit would agree. The singles were belted out, with enthusiasm, but so were the lesser known tracks, and covers. The Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ was at least as hard and heavy as when I saw Iggy and the boys perform it and underlined the Mysterines punk credentials. It was probably ‘Take A Draw’ that hit the high point of the gig, but there were many to choose from.Get on this band. Look them up. See them live. Buy the album ‘Reeling’ on the 11th of March. Then you will be able to join this De-Clunker and see what all the fuss is about!

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