– Announces new album ‘Tongues’
  Out March 11th 2022 on Six Shooter Records
– Shares title track & accompanying 3D tundra
  battle video

You don’t think about what’s underfoot until it stirs. Tanya Tagaq, an experimental, improvisational, exceptional artist, has felt the land beneath her shake. To survive, you have to know what you’re doing. To survive, you have to trust in the body. Tagaq’s power, her voice, still comes from this place, where to defy nature is doom. 

‘Tongues’, Tagaq’s new album, enters deep chasms and dangerous spaces, and will be released on March 11th 2022 on Six Shooter records. Produced by Saul Williams and mixed by Gonjasufi, ‘Tongues’ speaks not to horrors and crisis, as previous Tagaq albums wordlessly, powerfully encircled, but directly of these things. ‘Tongues’ is Tagaq at her most explicit and specific. Delicate, poetic passages from Split Tooth, Tagaq’s bestselling, award winning mythobiography, crash against an industrial, electronic exoskeleton. 

Today, on a future past tundra laced in lichen, a chin embedded in the rocks opens its mouth to do battle. This tongue – meaty, adventurous, admonishing, wounded, regenerated – also knows how to survive.

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