Freya Beer gives Clunk a few words on her new release ‘Siren’.

Freya Beer releases her latest track Siren today. It’s another strong offering from Freya, following on from the cover of ‘Season Of The Witch’, and her own songs ‘Dear Sweet Rosie’ and ‘Arms Wide Open’.

We asked Freya what the inspiration is behind the new track.


The title was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite artist John Waterhouse’s painting “The Siren”. The song was originally a poem which I had written a couple of years ago, it was only in 2019 when I decided to record it as a song in Manchester. Vocally, I wanted to keep an element of spoken word within the song and I achieved that by speaking/singing the lyrics. It was only within the past year that my managers rediscovered the song and we decided to re-record it with Pete Hobbs (from The Boy Least Likely To) and had Owain Hanford create the signature “Freya Beer tribal drums”! I would definitely call myself more a of writer rather than a guitar player so it was great to have Pete contribute on lead guitar and bring a Roxy Music/Bowie essence to the track.

We also asked her that with such strong songs coming from her will there be an album due anytime soon. Freya had some exciting news.


Definitely! My debut album “Beast” will be coming out this year. I’m so excited to release my first album and I wouldn’t of been able to achieve it without my amazing team behind me.

So, hear the track here, if you haven’t heard it on radio yet. It’s getting plenty of airtime. Then go then click on the Bandcamp link below to download.

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