Queen Kwong new video for Without You, Whatever.

Queen Kwong has released the video for the track ‘Without You, Whatever’. It seems that the song was never really meant for our ears. Carré explains

“Initially, it wasn’t even going to be on the record. When I recorded it, I was just trying to entertain Joe (Cardamone) by singing in falsetto and trying to imitate Bowie. When I sent the folder of tracks to Tchad Blake I said “oh, don’t bother mixing “Without You, Whatever” because I’m not going to release it,” and Tchad basically said, “WTF? That’s your single!” So he mixed it and I added it to the record at the last minute. It’s nearly impossible for me to sing because it’s so high and out of my range, but I like that it’s extremely different from anything I’ve ever released.”

You can see a recent Q & A with Queen Kwong here

Don’t forget …..The album ‘Couples Only’ is out on July 12th!

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