Abi Rose Kelly new release ‘Kill The Waitress’.

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Here at Clunk HQ we try to bring your ears to the sound of upcoming talent. Abi Rose has a new release out there, ‘Kill The Waitress’. It’s a guitar driven anthemic number that you might just find yourself singing along to. Why not take a listen at the bottom of the page. You can also hear some acoustic versions of Abi’s songs on the Bandcamp link below.


There is also a Clunk interview with Abi here:


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Abi Rose KellyAbi Rose Kelly is kicking her 2021 off with a brand new single, ‘Kill The Waitress’, to be released on 5th February 2021. 
‘Kill The Waitress’ is the third self-released track by Liverpool based musician Abi, following up the slacker grunge single ‘Polaroids & Violence’, which has racked up over 100k listens on Spotify since its release in May 2020. This is also her first release since she was longlisted for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging competition in 2020, and although the competition finals were sadly never to be, she has since seen her audience grow, desperate to hear more from her.
The single’s pounding drum intro is an instant hook, and the punchy guitars are what fully pull you in. ‘Kill The Waitress’ is rough around the edges with a fiery moodiness running through. Switching from breathy vocals to a fierce, gritty roar in the chorus, Abi firmly sets herself up as an electrifying no-nonsense musician, while also laying bare her undeniable songwriting skills and crystallising an incredibly accomplished sound for a musician so new.
Abi says of the track: “‘Kill the Waitress’ is a song about how angry I am with facing the same angry people every day, and how I view my life in general, coming to terms with being miserable and getting on with it. No self pity here, we’re all human.”
‘Kill The Waitress’ is the hotly anticipated follow up to singles ‘James’ corsa’ and ‘Polaroids & Violence’, and there’s an EP and collaborations in the works for the rest of 2021. One thing’s for sure, there’s a fire burning inside Abi Rose Kelly that’s ready to be unleashed.
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