Diamonds in the Dark share ‘Berlin’. A few words.

Diamonds in the Dark share the track ’Berlin’ from their forthcoming 5 song EP release, out on the 29th of May. It’s a true tale of heartbreak, written by singer Paul Alan Waters, that, as you may guess from the title, involved a trip to Berlin. The song opens up with mournful guitar, you know it’s not going to be a trip of joy. When the lyrics go into ‘we’re going to stay another night, try and get things right’ we already know that the affair is doomed. The vocal delivery assures us that the singer is going to suffer this rejection for a while. We’ve all been there! I hope you’re over it. If you’ve just experienced something similar you’re going to get a little sad. Surely the sign of a decent song is one that resonates with its listeners. Give it a listen, hankies at the ready!

Check out some other tracks on the new EP. Here at Clunk we really enjoyed ‘Getaway’, a completely different animal to ‘Berlin’. Go to the Bandcamp page and have a listen to the EP. Tis good!

Diamonds in the Dark are Paul Alan Waters (Vocals), Nick Jones (Guitar), Josh Moore (Guitar), Charlie Whorton (Bass), Jake Massey (Keys), Graham Mcdonald (Drums).






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