Life release Big Moon Lake

The single and video for ‘Big moon lake’ are out there for you to hear and view. You can do that below.You will also be pleased to be informed that the band’s third album is on the way. It’s called North East Coastal Town and is due to land on June 10th. It’s gonna be a cracker!

Mez Green says: “Hull and the surrounding area runs through our DNA and has shaped us, weathered us, empowered us, embraced us and made us feel accepted. ‘North East Coastal Town’ is our love letter to the city. The album is an ode to kinship and relationship with its musical and lyrical spine picking out themes of love, desire, beauty, horror, chaos, pride and most importantly the sense of belonging. It’s a reflective body of work dedicated to people and place and those that have always been there and made us feel like we belong.”

Go here for pre-orders and dates

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