DeClunk Exclusive: Jude Flannery releases solo debut

Quiet by your side is Philadelphia-based artist Jude Flannery’s solo debut. The album explores the themes of connection and expectation. Joined by primary collaborators Matt Barrick (The Walkmen, Muzz) on drums / percussion and Quentin Stoltzfus (Mazarin, Light Heat) on bass and guitar, the record has a psychedelic folk rock vibe. Additional collaborators include Robbie Bennett (The War on Drugs) on keyboards, Keir Neuringer (The Irreversible Entanglements) on saxophone, Zena Kay on pedal steel, and Annie Nero on backing vocals. The overall mix is warm and dynamic, a credit to the craft and production contributions of Barrick, who recorded and mixed the record, and Stoltzfus, who mastered the record at Philadelphia’s Silent Partner recording studio.

Speaking on the record’s first single, “Quiet by your side,” Flannery wrote:

“I wanted to write a song about what it means to be comfortable. For me, that is the ability to quiet my mind. The more I thought about this song, it also feels like my relationship with music – it’s always nearby, it moves me and lulls me into a state of listening calm. It’s funny but I think that ended up happening when we recorded the song as well – we immediately felt what the song needed and just played it. I started with the acoustic guitar and vocals and Quentin laid down the bass line from the control room as I was recording it. Matt added drums on top of that in what seemed like a single take and Robbie’s keys filled in the rest quickly.”

On its accompanying music video, he continued:

“Directed by Philadelphia based artist Marc Zajack, the video utilizes found footage that collages imagery from 50 years ago. Intimate in nature at times, these home movies are moments lived that emphasize the human experience and the memories and relationships built over time. Exploring the nostalgia around these everyday moments celebrate the timeless feeling of comfort and connection, which is something that’s also celebrated in this song.”
Quiet by your side – TRACKLISTING

01. Quiet by your side
02. Fighters
03. Everyone knows
04. Don’t mind you asking
05. You lean in, I reach out
06. Another way
07. Daydream that I used to know
08. Four chords
09. Stars
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