Ashlynn Malia releases ‘Coordinates’ video.

Today, 20-year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter Ashlynn Malia shares a brand new single entitled “Coordinates,” along with an accompanying lyric video. This is her first release since dropping her EP, rather be alone, last year. 

The LA-based indie pop artist continues to explore her acoustic singer-songwriter side with “Coordinates,” a haunting song about longing and loneliness. Says Malia about the track, “I wrote coordinates when I was missing someone. That was honestly the only thing I had in my head. Just the phrase “i miss you” over and over. I knew better than to reach out, so I put the words here instead.”  

Malia has been featured by tastemaker outlets like Buzzbands.LAFlaunt, and American Songwriter. Her music has been featured on editorial acoustic, chill, and singer-songwriter playlists in the past.

At 20 years old, Los Angeles based artist Ashlynn Malia provides a portal to her inner world through the music she creates. She uses songwriting as a way to understand how her own mind works. Ashlynn Malia has been working in the entertainment industry and quietly writing her own material since the age of 10, steadily refining and finding her own voice. She is a multi.-faceted artist with an unparalleled vocal range and a captivating stage presence. She is inspired by artists such as Lorde and FKA Twigs, and sets herself apart with her deeply personal and honest storytelling through her music. Her debut EP titled rather be alone released on June 25, 2021. It includes “desperate,” which can be heard in an episode of The Stand on CBS as well as multiple dance films and movement visuals. It also includes her single “open,” an introspective, cinematic song about the fear of being vulnerable with others and the consequences it may bring, and “emergency,” about wanting but not needing people and being able to prioritize her own peace when it comes to relationships. All of the songs on the EP center around Malia’s personal experiences with social anxiety and human connection of all kinds. “If making those connections means enduring all the overthinking, insecurity, growing pains, abandonment, rejection, questioning of my own self-worth and blurring of my mental vision – then I’d rather be alone where I’m safe from that type of pain”  

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