Svvarms latest video for ‘Oceans’

Svvarms have a new video out for the track ‘Oceans’. We’ll let the band tell you about it then give it a listen.

Regarding the single’s origin, the band stated: “We wrote all the verse content for this song first, I sang the lyrics in a stream of consciousness without really knowing what it was about. Then Luke came up with this really cool chorus which immediately contextualized the song for me and I realized that it is a meditation on my relationship with my mother and her relationship with her family. My family lives right on the ocean south of Boston and we’ve had a little beach house in our family for generations. It has become the focal point of all kinds of family trauma and has many times almost been completely destroyed by storms that roll though in the winter. Many of the other houses on the street have been consumed by the ocean now but we’ve always been able to repair our house and keep it standing even though most of the extended family no longer speaks to each other.”

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