Marblmoon…Saturday 7th December…..Read on!

Some pleasure to your December shopping experience

Perhaps you’re heading into Carlisle this Saturday in an attempt to break the back of that Christmas shopping malarkey. Well, give yourself a break. Marblmoon will be playing at the HMV store about 1pm.  Stop all that shuffling around the stores, listen to a beautiful voice and pick up the Marblmoon CD ‘Glitter & Gold’. That could solve a present headache for you at the same time as supporting a local artist.

‘Marblmoon’s music is ethereal, emotional and astonishingly transportive: this gifted singer, songwriter and instrumentalist whisks you away to an ambient dreamworld with atmospheric and alternative pop that’s as enchanting as it is experimental’ – MN2S Management

“Marblmoon is an important stamp within our local scene in our small city, not only for the high quality music she puts out but the fact that even on this grassroots level an all-female band is not only possible, but capable of absolutely killing it. This is a stand against patriarchy within the music industry and a stand for feminism.” – Notion Records.

So….Get on down.

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