PINS….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

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Hello PINS, welcome to the Clunk Universe.

Please introduce yourselves and tell us who does what in the band.


Lois – Guitar and Synths

Faith – Vocals and Guitar

Kyoko – Bass

How come the name PINS?

Lois – We were throwing a few names around at the time but that’s the only one we all liked, and we had a gig coming up! Other options were hearts and stems – we wanted a short one word name, but I think we went for the right one.

Faith – yeah, we didn’t spend too much time thinking about it, thank god it’s not embarrassing.. imagine carrying a terrible name around with you for years.

You have a certain style in your look. Do you choose the clothes and colours together?

Lois – Yeah in a way, it might start that someone has something specific they want to wear and everyone sort of matches to them but in their own style. It’s fun putting it all together and we really enjoy dressing up. I’m definitely missing it at the moment! Some mornings I just wake up and get fully overdressed – why not.

Faith – so much faux leather.

It’s been a long time since the album ’Wild Nights’. Why so long until a new one?

Lois – Probably because we were developing our writing style quite a lot and all finding new musical influences so it was about juggling all that, plus two band members left, which changes everything again when you used to it all being a certain way.

Faith – sometimes you just need to but the brakes on and figure everything out. It took us about 2 or 3 years to write and record the album, it wasn’t a linear process at all. I wish we were the sort of band who could record a bunch of demos then take them to the studio and record them, nice and simple. It’s not that way for us though, we go back and forth on everything, I recorded most of my own vocals at home because I did them 1000000 times, they would have taken up the entire session! We finished recording the album when I was about 7 months pregnant too, I needed a rest.

 Love the release ‘Hot Slick’. What are you getting away from?

Lois – boring stuff that isn’t really important.

Faith – I like to work, I like being focused, the song is just about getting away from the distractions, you can spin around in your own circle for too long and get nothing but a hangover.

Who comes up with the ideas for the cover shots for the recent records? They are great shots.

Lois – We all had a think about different objects we could use for each track, and started sourcing different versions of them until we found the right ones. We took them to a studio and Faith worked her magic as the photographer. I was in charge of applying baby oil to everything to make it shiny.

You have started a tour, busy times for you in 2020. What do you do to relax?

Lois – The thing that probably relaxes me the most is going for a pint with my friends, I love baths, walking, listening to music on Sunday morning, reading… wholesome stuff.

Faith – my daughter goes to bed at 7pm so that’s when I relax with my husband, red wine, baths, Netflix…

Kyoko – I like to relax with a glass of wine, love listening to music and watching films, reading, going to the cinema.

Are you touring overseas? Do you get a chance to look around the cities/towns that you visit? Anywhere that you are particularly looking forward to visit?

Lois – At the moment we just have a UK tour in October planned, can’t really plan further than that. We always try to make time for tour tourism as we call it, where we can but it isn’t always possible.. We did quite a bit in America, made it to a few theme hotels, Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls.. and Stone Henge here! I can’t wait to get touring again.

Kyoko – I think we were in America four years ago today, and life is definitely very different today in comparison with then. I would love to go back there, and also it would be lovely to go back to Denmark and France, I really loved playing I’m in those places.

At Clunk HQ this week Tropical F. storm, Big Thief, Goat Girl, Marblmoon, Porridge Radio, Crack Cloud and a bit of Bowie have all been on the stereo. What have you folks been getting your ears around?

Lois – I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic music, Giant Swan, Caterina Barbieri, YOuTH, there’s also a great guitar/ violin duo called Mesange you should check out.

Faith – my Orville Peck obsession is still growing.

Kyoko – I’ve started listening to Miles Davis and Billie Holiday and generally more jazz and blues, which might sound a wee bit pretentious but I really love it! Also been listening to Cigarettes After Sex, Funkadelic and Suede.

Many thanks for taking the time for Clunk. See you in York!

The new PINS album Hot Slick is out on the 29th May. You can get a pre-order here

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