Bilge Pump and ILL at The Ferret. Clunk was there!

Bilge Pump…Great sound, nice rugs.
ILL…A hard act to follow

A tasty line-up at The Ferret on Friday night, Bilge Pump and ILL and Mr. Ted. The Ferret is a pub in Preston, ideal for live music with a great sound. ILL played 6 numbers, some from their debut album ‘We Are Ill’ plus a couple of new ones. They kicked off with the epic ‘Slithering Lizards’ and finished with the latest release ‘Kick Him Out the Disco’, which we were informed, during the chat beforehand, is about getting rid of the current Prime Minister. In between we were treated to ‘Ill Song’ and a new number of which I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name! We were treated to the punk, avant-garde  sound that ILL have made their own. It would have been nice to have a few more songs from ILL, they left us wanting more.

ILL are a tough act to follow but Bilge Pump were awesome. Bilge Pump have been around for quite a few years, the latest album ‘We Love You’ being released ten years after the previous offering. An awesome performance with Joe looking aggressively frantic all over his guitar, Neil keeping the beats in his bare feet and Emlyn, singing and knocking out the now familiar bass lines such as that on ‘The Passion of the Kid’. It’s loud, noisy, controlled, yet has a feel of a jazz freestyle rock affair at times. ‘How much longer have we got before we need to finish?’ asks Joe. To which he got the reply ‘until Sunday!’ by some bright spark in the crowd. They played one more, the crowd asking for another and it looked like it might happen. By then Neil had already put his socks back on which meant it was all over.

A great night in a pub listening to two great bands. Lovely people too. What more could one ask for?

Well, actually there was another band that kicked off the evening’s proceedings. A four piece from Liverpool called Mr. Ted. They were highly entertaining with songs of sexy legs and making buns, delivered in a shouty rock kind of style. They were so good we bought the album. Check ’em out.

Mr. Ted
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