A good night out with Bodega at The Cluny

stick pointing

It’s been over 2 years since we last saw Bodega. Now there’s a new line up. Yes, there is still the core of the band in Ben, Nikki and Tai Lee from before. The two new recruits are Dan Ryan on guitar and Adam See on bass. The band played songs from both albums, the latest released just a couple of weeks ago. Nikki pointed her sticks at the audience and, when not busy singing or tapping out a beat, enjoyed the opportunity to get into some ‘let loose’ shape throwing. The visual highlight of a live Bodega show has to be the remarkable Tai Lee. To see Tai Lee play drums is a sight to behold, hitting hard in perfect time whilst jumping around like there’s firecrackers in her boots. There were the old crowd pleasers, the singalong ‘Jack in Titanic’, ‘How Did This Happen’ and ‘Name Escape’ along with the new ones ‘Doers’, ‘All Past Lovers’ and ‘Thrown’. In all it was a show of around 18 songs, full of energy, inviting you to join in. If you’ve missed out on Bodega so far then it’s time to give them a go. There’s still some dates left, why not grab a ticket for a good night out.

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