Thrillhouse. A little Clunk Q and A.

Hi Thrillhouse….welcome to the world of Clunk.

Thanks for having me.

Please could you tell us who does what in Thrillhouse

A computer does most of the work. Then the 3 of us sit/stand with a keyboard, set of bongos and a guitar and sing our little hearts out. Whoever is closest to said instrument plays that.

‘One of these days’ is a cracking debut release. Can we look forward to more dance groove tracks on release soon?

Thank you, glad you like it. That’s very nice of you to say. But to answer your question…No. Next ones a bit less ‘dancy’ than the first one. It’s still upbeat, just slightly less of a hip shaker. Gotta mix it up eh?!

There is a lot of positive reaction to ‘One of these days’. You must have built a following down on the south coast.

I wish!

Have you heard the track on the radio?

Yes I have. Managed to catch it on XFM and KEXP, which was nice. My initial thoughts we’re it’s very long.

I notice on your video for OOTD that there are a few characters at the road side… supermario, a south pacific Hula girl, a few dinosaurs, a transformer, a flying cop car (flying squad?), Bond and more. Who owns these toys and why is there no nod to Gerry Anderson in the video?

OOTD, I like that. Can I pinch it?

Give me a sec to google Gerry Anderson….

Yes, I can confirm, there is no Gerry Anderson memorabilia in there. Sorry about that. I did however, whilst at a bit of a loose end, recently watch the intros to Captain Scarlet and Stingray. Now the righthand side of my YouTube is full of the stuff. I did wonder…Did they explain why captain scarlet was indestructible? I don’t mind, I’m just curious.

They’re my toys. Some old, some recently bought from Poundland. I intend to have a Toy Story 3 moment at some point and give them away to a young child who would enjoy playing with them as much as I did…but then I remembered kids only like iPads and TrikTak now.

Is the song anything to do with boys playing with their toys or was it just an excuse to get the old toy box out?

Nah, not really. Thought people might go ‘Ah! A transformer, I remember those’ then share the video with all of their friends until it went viral. Sadly this did not happen.

In a publicity shot there are 2 people with what appears to be lampshades on their head. Did one of you refuse to do the shot, perhaps waiting for a chance to be in something a bit more glamorous, or was it that somebody had to take the picture?

It’s just that we’re both hideously unattractive. I’ve been reliably informed that being attractive is quite the commodity in this here music game. I suppose, if you ain’t got it, don’t flaunt it… as the saying goes. There is actually a third guy in there. He’s just very small.

This week at Clunk HQ we have been listening to Big Thief, Fat White Family, Thom Yorke, Working Men’s Club, Squid and Hilary and the Hate Crimes. What tunes have you folks been getting your ears round

Mostly ABBA.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Looking forward to hearing more in 2020.

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