Melin Melyn….A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Melin Melyn….welcome to the Clunk Universe

Thank you very much for inviting us. It’s very clunky out here.

Please describe your surroundings so that we can picture you in our mind’s eye.

I currently have a fantastic view of a row of people’s back gardens. The territory is looked after by approximately nine cats. It’s really fascinating. I could watch them all day. Sleeping, fighting and generally chilling out all day.

Please introduce us to the band….who does what? How and when did you all get together?

We began putting the band together and subsequently gigging in 2019, and people have come and gone as they’ve pleased.

There’s currently up to six members in the band, if everyone is fit to play. I’m Gruff, I strain to sing, I strum the guitar and I blow the sax. Will bends and tickles the guitar, Garmon slaps some bass, Cai caresses the drums. Rhodri Brooks has recently joined to slide his slinky fingers to create a bit of magic into our songs using the pedal steel. When it isn’t falling apart. He also has a solo project, under his own name which is loooovely. Dylan Morgan gives us a nice dose of plinky plonk on the keys when he’s not busy with his own project – DD Darillo, or playing with Boy Azooga.

Melin Melyn…….how did that name come about?

All of us speak or understand Welsh. Will on guitar is from Tunbridge Wells and is learning to speak Welsh. He has learnt to say “I am an unemployed farmer” and “ I have a black horse in the factory”, thanks to an app on the internet. Now, I don’t know about you Clunk, but I never learnt how to say that in my German lessons at school so he’s doing very well and we’re very proud of him.

We wanted a band name that was easily pronounced whether you’re a Welsh speaker or not. At least that’s what we hoped. Both words more or less sound the same and it’s just a play on words. I enjoy the use of repetition. I enjoy the use of repetition. The words mean ‘yellow mill’, but I never think of that to be honest. We were inspired by band names such as Timber Timbre or Django Django, but simply put, we don’t have the balls of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

The EP is called Blomonj. Do you eat blomonj? Do you have the blomonj rabbit mould? Did Delia Smith make your EP blomonj cover?

The artwork has been disgustingly made by the glorious Edie Morris, who makes all things art for the band. She’s amazing. We consider her as much a part of the band as anyone else in Melin Melyn. Delia Smith, meanwhile, wasn’t interested. To be fair, her rousing speech at half time on the 28th of February 2005 as Norwich City chairwoman during a game against Manchester City is one of my favourite performances of all time, so if we were to work together I’d be too starstruck to utter a word to her.

In primary school, my memory is that a plop of blomonj was slammed down on my canteen tray every day. I also remember that you had to have a plop of jelly alongside it. Although it tasted of powdery soap I still have fond memories of the SuperTed mould that

would always appear at all of my birthday parties as a child. Since leaving school I have eaten blomonj every single day of my life.

Your EP is out soon with tracks such as ‘Rebecca’, ‘Lucy’s Odyssey’ and ‘Short Haired Lady’. Are the characters that you write about based on people that you know?

No. These are based on tales of legends or characters that we’ve met in another light year.

You folks are now signed with those lovely people at Bingo Records. Have you managed to meet up with any of your new stable mates? Have Bingo Records sent you any bubbly yet?

We are so chuffed to be with Bingo and delighted to be releasing our debut EP via them. We’ve played and are friends with the wonderful Bug Club who are also part of the Bingo family, but apart from that we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of them or their bands in person. However! We can’t wait to play Bingo Breakout at Elsewhere in Margate on the 17th of July, where the bubbly is sure to flow. Clunk readers – come along!

Have you got plenty of gigs coming up this year? Are you coming to Carlisle?

I’ve actually never been to Carlisle, so why not! Naturally everythings a bit up in the air at the moment, but apart from Bingo Breakout we are currently sorting an EP launch gig in London and Cardiff around September. It’s a dream to be asked to play End of the Road this year, and there’ll be an exciting announcement regarding the summer very soon!

What is the first gig that you have lined up to go and see?

Oracle Sisters at the Old Blue Last. They have beautiful songs and some haunting videos so I can’t wait to see them live!

Any bands/artists that you folks recommend we have a listen to?

There’s great music coming out of Wales at the moment. I’d really recommend checking out The Mighty Observer, DD Darillo, Omaloma, Bug Club, Teddy Hunter, Eädyth, Audiobooks and Bitw.

Thanks for taking the time with Clunk. We hope to see you out there sometime this year.

So do we.

Note: blomonj is written as the band wish it to be written.

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