The Furniture …. new video now and album on the way.

Improvisation isn’t all about the moment itself. For Michael Kuhl andMatthew Pierce, their new project The Furniture celebrates free form spontaneity, yet arrives from a deep-routed understanding of one another. The Furniture is the pair’s debut album, being released through Cigarettes After Sex’s refreshed label Spanish Prayers and is a meditative trip through amorphous drones, rolling drums and haunting atmospheres. Although it came together in just one two-hour session together, the genesis has a greater history, having played together in various touring bands both inBaltimore and abroad.

The Furniture is their first album as a duo and the chance for them to distill their respective playing styles away from their other projects. The record has been taken entirely from a single live performance recorded in theReverb club in Baltimore. Frequent collaborator producer Steve Wright brought a mobile studio and some mics down to the small live room and its even smaller stage. From there he let the pair subconsciously weave years of mutual understanding into the free form eight tracks that make up the album.

“Making a record free form can be a little risky. It’s not guaranteed that the creative forces that are summoned will show up,” say the duo. “But when they do, it can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of recording, in the way that each time you go back and listen, it can take you to a place or an emotion yet to be discovered.”

The album is due for release on the 28th of January 2022 so, here’s the video release for ‘Strom’.

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