Thrillhouse release ‘If It’s Important’ and news of a Thrillhouse album on the way!

Thrillhouse are back with a new release. It’s called ‘If it’s important’ and it’s another cracking tune. Instead of us here at Clunk HQ going on about how good Thrillhouse is we suggest you check out this and the previous releases over the past few months. Not only that but there is a Thrillhouse debut album on the way next year called Enter Space Bar. We can’t wait!

check out a chat from last year here

Have a look at what others have to say….

“Thrillhouse create a spellbinding, ambient sound on their second single Lesser, a lyrical gem burning with palpable tension” – Atwood magazine

“The most annoying thing about this is the bloody fade out after just five minutes” – Louder Than War

“I really like this” – John Kennedy (XFM)

Every once in a while a track comes along that has to immediately be listened to again, and then again and then again – The Revue

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