Sally Shapiro new single ‘Christmas Escape’ plus news of a 2022 album.

Now, you may not be a lover of Christmas songs, after all, the best fun Chrimbo numbers were made in the 70s! You might also be up to your neck in those Christmas preparations, shopping, drinking, cookin, drinking, writing cards, drinking…….hang on there’s a bit of a theme here. Well this Christmas song is about escaping all those stressy Christmas chores and getting back to a bit of Christmas magic. It’s not that ‘mad jump around the tree with your mad Auntie type’. It’s a lovely present from Sally Shapiro. This is gentle, it shimmers and twinkles. Read on and then give it a listen.

Swedish Italo disco/ synthpop duo Sally Shapiro will release their new album ‘Sad Cities‘ on Feb 18th via Italians Do It Better. The band are sharing their new single Christmas Escape” now.

Speaking about the track Johan Agebjörn, one half of Sally Shapiro said “‘Chrismas Escape’ is a song about escaping from the Christmas stress. Christmas is lovely but the period before it can be quite stressful, so we had this image of just escaping from everything, flying North with snowflakes in the eyes. We wrote it last December together with André Csernak, a Swedish musician that we’ve been writing a few songs together with on the new album. The original version had beats, but then we developed it together with Johnny Jewel into a more ambient soundscape song.”

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