Snapped Ankles Gig Review

Estate Agent Boards, timber to tap and antlers!

I may have been a little slow cottoning on to Snapped Ankles. I had heard a few tracks on the radio. Once I got interested I moved on to checking them out on Spotify. From then I was hooked so naturally pre-ordered the Stunning Luxury album. It arrived on due date, I played it and loved it. Next thought……….I need tickets!

So, on Saturday the 9th of March we head off to the Star and Shadow Cinema. A little word about the Star and Shadow Cinema. It is run on a volunteer basis, a DIY space for mainly music and cinema. If it’s not yet on your radar for gigs, cinema and other events then check it out. These venues need all the support that we can muster.

Back to the gig………cables, cables and more cables to be plugged in and laid out. There’s a couple of guitars, drums, keyboards, a multitude of knobs and more intriguingly a couple of shapely bits of timber. Snapped Ankles arrive, walking through the crowd to the stage carrying the mocked-up estate agent boards, one declaring the band name, the other selling us Stunning Luxury. The band, 4 of them, are wearing the classic garb of the estate agent, at least the ones that I saw back in the 90s. Their heads are covered, taking on some sort of Wildman from the woods look, keeping the band members anonymous. It gives a visual that doesn’t come over as novelty, more fun and an invitation to enjoy. The rhythms start and instantly I am bopping and grooving. I didn’t stop for the whole gig. The beats were kept tight as the frontman, Austin, oozing charisma, stepped into the crowd inviting audience members to hit the beats on oscillating stick (well, that’s what I’m calling it). I could go on boring you with the various tracks that were played but instead I encourage you to go see and hear for yourself.  Snapped Ankles were absolutely ……………… awesome and mesmerising, you can fill in the gap yourself!

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