Zoee….Debut album on the way preceded by the release of the track ‘Microwave’.

Zoee has released a taster for her upcoming debut album ‘Flaw Flower’ due out towards the end of June. The newly released track is called ‘Microwave’ and we rather like it. This is a danceable track that sounds like it might be heard at an 80’s disco yet still sounds modern and fresh. The track and the video also have a slightly bonkers element which adds extra enjoyment.We have yet to delve into the tracks on the album but ‘Microwave’ promises a great debut. We look forward to hearing more. It is due to be released digitally and on cassette. Have a listen and a watch below then read what Zoee has to say…

Writing for the album began in October 2018 when Zoee started working closely again with friend and long-term musical collaborator Rowan Martin. As the material for the record began to take shape the writing and recording process also evolved with the addition of bassist Kyrone Oak and keys player Laura Norman, as well as contributions from Ben Vince and London pop artist Saint Torrente.

“I feel like the songs on this album took me deeper into myself, the sad song that I thought was about a boy is still about that but it’s also about loss, about self-determination, about not losing hope, about memory, about domesticity, about detachment, about my dad, about my mum, about change, about feeling incredibly alone, about growing up.”

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