Vero… A DeClunk Q & A .

Please describe your surroundings so that we can get a picture formed in our mind’s eye.

Clara: Right now, a snow-powdered Stockholm with lots of glimmering lights.

Amanda: And it gets dark before 3pm!!!

Please tell who does what in the band? You know, instruments, writing, singing, making the tea, bringer of snacks etc.

Amanda: I usually pick up the guitar and sometimes the bass in the studio. For me, switching from being the bass player to picking up the guitar really changed my own expression. To the non-expected stuff, I think Julia is the one who brings the craziest snacks. Clara is always keen to start the espresso machine, as if she needed more energy (she’s the bands most energized member), and I usually take a nap when Julia’s playing around with the vocals.
Clara: Julia is the singer and bass player, me and Amanda play guitar. All of us pretty much do everything when a song is being made, someone picks up the bass, someone humming a melody, someone flickering through the guitar sounds, someone by the computer recording… 

Julia: I cannot be left alone with a microphone in the studio for too long, cuz I’ll start to record 50 different vocal parts over my vocal tracks and create a choir with myself. We call it ‘The Boman Group’.

Why the name Vero?

Julia: Because it’s short, and it’s looks great as a logo! I think it means “true” or “the truth” in Italian, but that has nothing to do with it.

We love the track ‘Beg’. 2022 looks like an exciting year for you folks. Is there anything that you can tell us about a debut album on the way?

Amanda: It is far more guitar-driven than our earlier releases. We’ve finally found our way of playing and the styles that fit our mood, and now we don’t rely on synthesizers to saturate the sound.
Clara: Oh man. It’s gonna be great to share it. It’s our first album so naturally I feel very proud, like we’ve seen it grow up, you know.

Julia: 11 magical tracks. Guitars everywhere! It’s also kinda chill, I think.

Is there a tour planned? If so, could you pencil in Carlisle. There’s a dinner at DeClunk HQ in it!

Amanda: We are hoping to have a tour very soon, and hopefully in Carlisle!! It’s just this damn pandemic. We have to ride it out and not put our enjoyment before other people’s safety.

When did you realize that you had a talent for music and made the decision to make it a career?

Amanda: Like many others, I’ve played various instruments since I was a kid. I always had the idea that music would be on the back burner, and not take time from my other priorities, but I was always fooling myself. When I met Julia, and later Clara, I realized that this is something we need to pursue together. We need to find out how far we can take this.
Julia: I think I started playing in bands at 13. I got a black Yamaha-beginners guitar for my birthday. Then I glued 300 sequins to it and ripped the kinks-song in my bedroom.
Clara: It’s just been so easy to work together, I feel like anything that we get to do thanks to that is only a bonus.

What did you grew up listening to?

Amanda: As a child I was obsessed with productions made by Björn and Benny (ABBA), their full sound varying from classical inspired pieces to pop music and 80’s guitars. Later on I found bands such as Bauhaus, Pixies and Prince. A fine mix if you ask me.

Clara: Lots of synth, new wave, and rock, but really anything that came my way. Later I’d go to the library and just borrow loads of CD’s that looked cool, I feel old saying this…

Julia: I did that too! Went to the library and randomly selected CDs that looked cool! From the ages 13-16 I listened exclusively to 60s music like an old man. Then I turned 17 and discovered _everything else_ and that was it. I also love the Clash.

Any bands/artists that you recommend we give a listen to?

Amanda: Anything that makes your brain light up when you listen to it. For me it’s the Prince album “Piano and a Microphone 1983” and Pavement’s “Terror Twilight”
Clara: Swap Babies

Julia: “Just Talk” with A.C. Marias, a classic. New: ML Buch

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