Black Marble latest release and album on the way.

Like your 80s synth pop sounds? This might just be for you. After recently announcing his new album ‘Fast Idol’ is due Oct 22nd via Sacred Bones Records, Brooklyn based artist Black Marble, aka Chris Stewart, is sharing his new single “Ceiling” with a lyric video edited by Alana-Marie French.

Chris Stewart shares: “‘Ceiling’ is about the persistence of memory and the fear of starting to lose the plot on what’s happening. When you talk to people these days, there’s a pervasive sense that we’ve lost a sense of shared reality and yet you never hear anyone indict themselves as being responsible. So this song just deals with the paranoia of thinking like, ok, what if it’s not them it’s me? Or what if it’s not me now, but inevitably it one day will be? And does it matter? ‘In silence for the words we leave behind’ is about holding onto meaning, but not any one idea, just the hope that it persists. It’s a recitation to ward off the thought that we’ll return in another time and be unable to understand the plights of the day, or parse any of the ambiguity that exists between people.”

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