Squid 2019 in their words just for Clunk plus a few words on the Town Centre EP

It’s been pretty mental, I think we’ve played about 85 to 90 gigs this year. Our manager reminded us that when she first met us we said that out ultimate goal was to just play a gig in Europe and release a single or two, now we’ve played countless gigs in and out of Europe and released a whole bunch of stuff! Hearing our music played regularly on the radio is still weird but incredible, 6Music have really really helped us out this year. We’re so grateful for everyone selling out our shows and showing support. We can’t wait to record an album in 2019. L8rz clunk!! 

A few words on Squid EP Town Centre

Last Friday, 15th November, the Squid EP Town Centre was released on vinyl. It has been available digitally since September but there’s nothing like having a vinyl copy. This year Squid have been all over 6music. Sadly, the singles The Dial and Houseplants are not included. Never mind, if you loved those two songs then you’re not going to be disappointed with The Cleaner, perhaps the best song ever that involves brush and mops and dancing. Match Bet provides another platform for Squid to get into punk/indie/dance groove (or whatever you want to describe it as) whilst deciding whether to cut the red or blue wire. A difficult choice when ‘they all look the same to me’. Squid show that they have other strings to their bow as with the tracks Savage, an instrumental, and Rodeo, the ambient hallucinogenic finale. Anyway, it’s great so buy it, play it, get your mop out and groove around your kitchen.

Buy it! Dance!
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