Marion Raw new album Ghost In The Machine

Here at DeClunk HQ we’ve been waiting for the new Marion Raw LP to be shared. It’s here so get on it. We love a bit of Marion. Here’s some stuff about it, there’s a couple of tracks below before you get your teeth into the whole thing.

Made in Los Angeles California, after an intense creative collaboration with AJ Dávila (Dávila 666) and a long post-pandemic wait, Marion Raw’s second LP is finally out. Recorded and mixed with Joel Jerome,mastered by Manny Nieto.

With songs that are at times heartbreakingly familiar, rollicking
throwbacks of rock & roll with a touch of rockabilly, and that somehow
channel the spirit animals of a heartbroken Dolly Parton and Bruce
Springsteen on some obscure b-side bootleg audio cassette, Marion
manages to cram a lifetime of musical yearning into 9 tracks. 

“Marion Raw’s music occupies a “not quite here, not quite there,” in-between state that isn’t easy to categorize but also impossible to ignore. Haunting yet romantic and dream-like vocals foreground songs that harken back to the era of the ‘50s jukebox classics, but the Los Angeles by way of Mexico City artist also maintains a very contemporary sense of lo-fi indie coolness, like on “Ghost In The Machine.” 


“Marion Raw captures a love worthy of tears …. (she) is still in the process of unearthing facets of her identity, the familial bonds, and the detriments and charms of love in song. ‘Lloro’ is no exception.”” 
– American Songwriter

“Echoing through the time-space continuum with her haunting voice, Raw lives up to her name as she documents the human experience through her unique lens.”
– Post-Punk

“Raw’s songwriting only cuts deeper thanks to the meticulously crafted atmosphere.”
– Under The Radar


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