MuMu….get to know her in a DeClunk Q & A.

Hello MuMu…..welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Please could you describe your current surroundings so that we can all get cosy.

Currently I’m on a bus along the eastern coast of Thailand. I was here playing some shows and am now here for adventure.

May I be so bold as to ask about your unusual name MuMu? Does it have a meaning?

The nickname MuMu came from my love of cows. Actually a stranger on an airplane gave me that nickname fifteen years ago when he spotted me with a cow pillow, cow pants, and a cow backpack. I don’t know how, but it stuck. I hope this makes that airplane stranger proud. 

Can you remember the first song that you wrote? What was it called and what was it about?

I’d like to say the first song I wrote was about happy kid things like puppies and playgrounds. But it was about my mother’s heartache over my father’s affair. The first lyric was 

“what am I supposed to do

Woman get a clue 

He’s not right for you

He stabbed you in the back 

Left you bloody on the floor

And yet you went back for more”. 

I was nine years old when I wrote that. And I never shared it with her so I sure hope she isn’t reading this.

You have recently released a live video of ‘Wrapped Up’. Did the recent US Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade influence you on getting this song out there.

Yes it definitely did. I’ve been working on this song with my wonderful producer Jamie Lawrence for a few years now. This song has been a painful one to put out. I remember when we laid down the vocals I was buckled over with cramps in that vocal booth. It’s strange how numb I can feel to the world, and how hard the emotions can hit me when they are channeled into music.

The song was originally released about a year ago but no one really heard it. I think that’s because the structure and production of the song wasn’t quite right. When Roe v Wade was overturned we went full speed ahead on re recording a more accessible version of this song. It’s on it’s way to music streaming platforms now. So if you follow me on any of those you’ll know when it’s out. 

The DeClunk army of researchers say that you are also an activist. Could you tell us more on this?

My mother and godmother have been taking me to marches and protests since as early as I can remember. In my family, speaking out for human rights is as close to a religion as we have. My mother didn’t care what I wore, who I dated, not even so much what grades I brought home. She only cared if I was fighting for what I believed in. I hold those values close to my heart today. 

You’re an actor too! Please give us a rundown on your acting career so far.

Yes I actually started out my career as an actor. I sort of fell into it at the age of seventeen and ran with it. I got to try some of everything. Tv, film, broadway. There’s even a commercial out there with me talking about my itchy yeast infection (Monistat baby. #typecasting). During this time I was always writing songs. And I was also always unfulfilled by the acting world. I wasn’t able to choose the stories I told or how to tell them. A generous mentor of mine told me to stop being afraid and start sharing my own stories with the world. So I did and I’m damn glad about it. 

To be multi-talented is a gift. Would you say from your parents? Is it in your genes?

Both my parents are musical. And my sister is an incredible singer/songwriter. I grew up listening to her compositions; I call them the soundtrack to my childhood. I feel lucky to have grown up in a home where creativity and expression were encouraged. 

What are your plans for the rest of the year? More music releases? Tour? Film?  A holiday in the sun?

I’ve got lots of releases coming up! Some fun bops and also some darker more vulnerable songs. Sometimes I hide behind those bops. But I’m trying to get braver as time goes by. Of course I’ve got some shows I’m excited for as well! You can follow me anywhere @musicofmumu so you can hear about these releases and concerts. I’d love to see you at a show. Come on over and say DeClunk sent you! 

Thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We hope to catch you doing your thing when you get to the UK.

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