Midwest Rockers A Vulture Wake Debut New Single (“Lost Cause of The Year”) Off ‘Animal’ – The Band’s 2nd EP Of 2022, Out September 9

A Vulture Wake rages forth through 2022 with their second E.P. of the year! ‘Animal’, out Sept. 9, is a progressive powerhouse of hooks & riffs – 5 songs continuing the band’s campaign to “Do No Harm; Take No Shit” while taking aim at the powers that be, inner demons, and a bleak future on this dying planet.

AVW now offers solutions to the issues raised in their previous releases – commit violence, give in, leave the planet, sleep? The choice is ours.

‘Animal’ follows the critically-acclaimed and fan-embraced ‘Kingdom’ E.P. – Also Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Mike Kennerty (Direct Hit!, Red City Radio, Copyrights).

A rotting corpse in a pretty dress, A Vulture Wake’s new single, ‘Lost Cause Of The Year’, a slight rocker riding a slow gallop into the catchiest of despairing love songs – draped in driving rhythms and dripping melodies. When you’ve lost all hope but still enjoy beautiful music, lead singer & songwriter Chad Price offers this excursion into melancholia.

‘Lost Cause Of The Year’ is a trigger warning with a happy ending.

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