Thrillhouse are back! 2045 is out today!

Brighton chaps Thrillhouse return with new single, 2045. • WithGuitars

Thrillhouse are back! It’s been a busy year for the folks from Brighton. Here at Clunk HQ we have been following Thrillhouse and have covered all the releases from this year. This is the fifth single release. The track is called 2045. It’s all about how time passes, quickly. The new track doesn’t disappoint and just when you’ve settled into the groove they throw in a harmonica. It all makes sense. Come on 6music, catch up.

‘Where are we going? Won’t see it coming. Then the years roll by, didn’t see it coming’

It’s another cracking tune from Thrillhouse, perfect for throwing a few shapes about the house…..oops, there goes the hip again. Oh, the passing of time!

you can read a Clunk interview with Thrillhouse here

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