Field Music at The Brewery Arts Centre. A few words and pics.

David Brewis took to the stage, informing us that tonight the first part of the show would be ‘Making a New World’. He followed this up by announcing that after this they would be playing some ‘proper’ songs. The idea for each song from the album were taken from a point of time during World War 1 and projected forward to an advancement either politically or through technology. As each piece evolved into the next, the visual display would show a short sentence or 3 on the subject matter. This brought the whole thing together, allowing the audience an easy understanding of the music and songs. The audience were drawn in, spellbound by it all. As this part ended there was a few seconds silence as we all returned to the here and now, then huge applause. Wow, an amazing journey, for the band too. The release of all that concentration was palpable. They could now relax. We were thanked for our patience but there was no need, we had all been hooked throughout. Then onto the ‘proper’ songs. We were treated to amusing banter between David and Peter, a couple of David’s songs about Donald Trump, as well as favourites such as ‘Count It Up’ and ‘Disappointed’. If you get the chance go see for yourself.  

Get there early enough, you won’t want to miss the songs and the voice of Emma Pollock.

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