A DeClunk Q & A with Jack of the fabulous Walt Disco.

Hello Walt Disco……welcome to the DeClunk universe.

Please tell us where you are based and describe your surroundings so that we can all get nice and snug for the Q & A.

We are based in Glasgow! But I’m currently sat back home in Newtongrange, a wee village just outside of Edinburgh, enjoying a short break from the city life! 

Please could you introduce the band, tell us who does what and how did you get together. Plus, of course, any scoop for us on musical differences within the band that may cause break up!

Among our ranks we have James Potter, vocalist/mother. Lewis Carmichael, Guitar. Finlay, synth/guitar/auxillary. Charlie Lock, bass. And myself Jack on the Drums. We all got together through playing in the Scottish music scene and seeing eachother’s gigs, the tides of fate brought us together eventually! The only band-breaking disagreement musically I could see becoming an issue is James’ disdain for Radiohead, this upsets Finlay and I greatly.

Could each band member tell us the crappiest job that they ever had. It’s a therapy question and you will all feel a weight lifted once you share.

Jack – Puke Scooper at ATIK Nightclub

Charlie – Lining up clay pidgeons for rich fools

James – Worked in the village Coop

Lewis – The horrors of retail at River Island

Finlay – Fry Slinger in McDonald’s

How come the name Walt Disco? The only other Walt I can think of from the top of my head is Walt Disney!

James’ great grandfather used to run a very popular swinger’s disco in the local town hall, his name was Walter. He was well renowned for his wild parties and extravagant village feights. We pay homage to him with our name.

The album ‘Unlearning’ is just out. We love it at Declunk HQ. We are quite old here and we detect a bit of a nod to the electronic 80s. In fact, a whole range of influence in sound and time and a vocal delivery that reminds us of David Bowie, Scott Walker. We presume, then, a wide range of influences?

You presume correctly! We’re huge fans of classic and timeless music from the past. The 80s was a great time for sharp and emotionally resonant music, that’s something that interests us greatly. So on Unlearning I think we found the right marriage of modern and innovative production but with timeless songs at the core.

Have you folks got a song on the album that is a little more loved than the others? 

Be An Actor never fails to make us smile, it melts our hearts. However, I think the net favourite on the album is Those Kept Close. It speaks to all of us in different ways, I find the lyrics and many parts of the instrumental totally devastating emotionally at times, but that’s my favourite kind of song.

We have yet to catch you live. You folks are on tour now. Don’t suppose you could pop into Carlisle?! Dinner at DeClunk HQ as encouragement? Your videos, dress and sound we would like to describe as flamboyant. Can that also describe your live show?

Oh we’re definitely not ones to turn down a free dinner! Be warned we have big appetites. In regards to our live show, our goal is to completely remove any perceived seperation between performers and audience. We’re all there with a mutual goal, to have fun and enjoy ourselves. The most rewarding thing for us is to see people loosen up and step out of themselves a bit throughout our show. If we need to jump, pull silly faces and throw ourselves about to do that for someone then by God we shall!

If we came to your neck of the woods for a weekend where would you take us? You are the Entertainments Committee!

Friday we’d take you to Redmond’s, our lovely local pub. Dinner at Suisi, some record shopping and a nice gig at Mono. Then likely more pubs and more restaurants the next day then chippy and pyjamas on Sunday.

Any bands/ artists that we should check out?

Here’s some we’re enjoying just now!

Formal Sppeedwear

Junk Pups

Strawberry Guy

To name but a few!

Many thanks for taking the time with DeClunk. We hope to catch you doing your thing soon.

Pleasure speaking with you,

Jack xx

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