Potpourri…..A Clunk Back and Forth Interview.

Hello Potpourri………welcome to the Clunk universe.

Hello Clunk, welcome to the Potpourri universe. Thanks for inviting us to contribute 😀

Could you please introduce the band and tell us who does what.

We’ll go round the circle, I’m Lauren the lead singer and keyboard player. I’m Evie and I play the bass and backing vocals. I’m Emily, I play the sax, guitar and some keyboard. I’m Alanna and I play the drums!

How did you folks get together and how come the name potpourri? Every time I think of the band I see a little bowl on a table with rose petals in it! Is this a deliberate ploy?

Well, that’s great – we really wanted the project to be multi-sensory. The name for us also inspires a melody of creative disciplines. It’s feminine and classic with a vintage aesthetic. These are the things we hope define the band.

We’d been talking about forming a band for a while and then we found Emily, who plays the sax and things slotted together from there. Lauren, ambitiously asked us to be added to the Bingo fest lineup six weeks later – at that point we had no songs and could barely play our instruments!!!

Bingo Records seem to be a big happy family, often playing in each other’s bands, supporting each other at gigs and generally having fun. True or are there plenty of disagreements? You can tell us, it won’t go any further.

That’s so true! There’s no facade there. We’re really grateful to have such a supporting community in Bingo. We’re really free to express ourselves and we know the gang will always have our backs in tough times.     

I believe there is an EP from Potpourri some time this year. Can you give us any info? Will it be physical as well as download? Any release date? Is it finished?!

It’s called ‘First Dance’, it will be out on a beautiful cream vinyl as well as download. That’s as much as we can tell you as that’s as much as we know! During the pandemic, we’re keeping creative; Evie and Lauren are on lockdown together so we’re working on a cassette. Who knows, that could be out sooner than the album!

There’s lots of online gigging going on, including you folks. Does it all feel a bit odd for you playing to an audience that you can’t see?

Quarantunes was funny because we had no audience to feed off and only half of the band!! Luckily we had the lads there to cheer us on and Peggy Sue the cat to buoy our spirits. We really liked doing it though – it was fun to think of creative and new ways to do stuff that we can’t when playing live, e.g. enjoying home comforts!

Have any of you ever made Potpourri? Are you going to put a few dry rose petals inside the EP sleeve along with a Potpourri recipe? I know, I should be in marketing. If you do, please make sure Clunk is credited on the sleeve for this truly brilliant idea!

That’s a really good idea. We made perfume to sell as merch when we last went on tour so definitely on the same page here!

I enjoyed the first episode of Beans on Toast. There is a rather disturbing image in the opening credits that perhaps younger viewers should not be exposed to. Baked beans cooked in a frying pan? Who does such a thing?

Ha! Believe it or not, there’s a rational explanation for that choice which is too boring to detail, but let’s just say those beans needed to look as beautiful as possible!

Apart from fellow bands/artists at Bingo what have you been listening to in the last couple of weeks?

Currently listening to Alice Coltrane! Other than that, Keel Her, Brigitte Fontaine, Big Supermarket and Family Selection Box’s new album (shameless plug there hehe).

When you go on tour in 2020, fingers crossed, how about Carlisle?

Current climate permitting!! We hope we’ll be able to get out together later in the year and yes, Carlisle will definitely be a consideration.

Thanks for taking the time for Clunk. Hopefully it won’t be too long when we can all catch up in a pub!

Thanks for having us! Guinness’ all round!

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