Bad Waitress album is out there now. Get jumping!

The debut album ‘No Taste, is out there for you to own now. So, if you like to jump around, break some stuff, shout a bit then this is for you. I like to do those things at Clunk HQ but these days I’m likely to put my back out. Still, we can still stick the record on and do some mental pogoing. Get some attitude on the deck. You’ve had a few tasters posted by Clunk, you can look back on them, here’s another. It’s called ‘Manners’. Give it a watch and a listen then read on.

Toronto-based punk band Bad Waitress released their debut album No Taste last week, on Sept 3rd, via Royal Mountain Records. With a ferocious and exhilarating energy, captured expertly by Grammy-nominated producer Dave Schiffman (PUP, The OBGMs, Trash Talk), No Taste delivers a crash-course in Bad Waitress’ brand of razor sharp punk rock over its ten songs. Today the band are sharing their new single & video “Manners” from the record.Speaking about the new track, the band explain ““Manners” is about how uncomfortable it feels to have people try to force you into this box of “a sweet little girl” when that doesn’t stick at all to what you know you are. Having the emphasis on your upbringing be to please the world instead of nurturing whatever it is that makes you feel at home in yourself. It’s about being taught to think of what’s expected of you instead of what feels right, and chucking that shit out the window as soon as you realize how bogus that is.

Get your copy of No Taste here:

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