Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at Kendal. Clunk was there! a few words…..

Lion Face

The stage was set with flowers and bananas as joss stick holders. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry entered the stage looking a little fragile, not surprising when one considers his age. He was sporting a hat and Caterpillar boots completely covered in shiny trinkets, the magpie of dub reggae. He soon looked more comfortable as his adoring fans gave him the welcome that this living legend deserved just for being here. He shook hands with all throughout the set, invited a few lucky ladies to get up and share the stage with him and invited all to wave at regular intervals. Hands were not the only thing to be moved. Mr. Perry also got us ‘shaking a leg’ and ‘shaking our heads’ to the groove of the band. He continually pulled items from his trousers, a light, a rock and placed them carefully on his travel case that also served as his coat stand. He handed out flowers to ladies in the front row. He took a shot of rum from a generous donor near the stage but it all kicked off when one offered a spliff. At first the offer was declined but it wasn’t long before Mr. Perry was back to the spliff, asking for it and eventually given it. He then lit it to the great satisfaction and excitement of the audience and to the interest of security. Oh what fun! Mr. Perry then spent the next five minutes with the words ‘fuck the police’ repeated over and again. Great fun was had by all at this, perhaps apart from a couple of blokes to whom the chant was aimed! One more song and he was off. Most definitely lots of love in the room for Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Smoking bananas
Boots with stick ons
Have suitcase….will travel
Adoring fan
Hat with stick ons
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