‘Stardusted’ by The Neverlutionaries

This may be something new to your ears. The Neverlutionaries have released the a lyric video for the track ‘stardusted’. The band is new to us here at Declunk. We intend to dig further to hear what we’ve been missing out on.

“Stardusted” is a drenched in reverb track punctuated by a dynamic bass line, and was written to explain the true reality of the social construct of relationships and how in the now relationships can exist with no strings attached, as well as ones with deep-seated meanings.

Christopher Harold Wells of the Neverlutionaries explains, “One could say the song is a social commentary on modern love compared to the idea of love and relationships that our parents etc. grew up on…I find that in modern times, convenient sexual situations exist more than the old school idea of true love.” 

So, there you have a brief explanation of the song. Listen below.

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