Thrillhouse release new track ahead of the upcoming EP

Thrillhouse are back. Well, not back, they never went away…….and that’s a good thing. Here at Declunk HQ Thrillhouse music and video releases are always eagerly anticipated. The new track is called ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’, it’s out now. This release is a taster for an EP, ‘Wedding Disco’, due at the end of November. If you like a bit of 80’s synth with a modern twist then it’s time you got into Thrillhouse.

Discussing their new release, Thrillhouse reveals: “’Wedding Disco’ is essentially a concept EP;songs that’d fit in nicely at an 80s wedding party… but really it was just an excuse for us to write big cheesy tunes. We produced and mixed it ourselves which, turns out, is a hellish experience that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, but we’re happy with how it’s come out.”
About the lead single, lead singer Sam goes on to say: “’It’ll All Be Alright In The End’ is me looking back at all the rubbish choices I’ve made in the past and then singing about them publicly. Kinda regret that now. In fact, that could be considered my most recent rubbish choice.”
“All my fears and anxieties come out in the shower for some reason, which is very annoying because I like showering. I usually end one of these showers by comforting myself saying ‘It’ll All Be Alright In The End’. I’m not entirely sure what I mean when I say it but it seems to make me feel better.”

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