Alan Vega……discovered album due for release.

A lost album by Alan Vega is due for release this month. Out now is the third release from that album, called ‘Filthy’. The album is called Mutator. Alan Vega passed away in July of 2016. If you haven’t heard Alan Vega’s work before why not check this out then have a listen to some of his work with Martin Rev as Suicide, or his solo and collaborations. So, have a listen below then read some more info under that.

Sacred Bones Records are set to release a lost album entitled Mutator from iconic musician, poet and visual artist Alan Vega on April 23rd. The record was discovered in the Vega Vault and then mixed and produced by Vega’s partner and frequent collaborator Liz Lamere and fellow Vega collaborator and close friend Jared Artaud. Today, the third track from the upcoming album, ‘Filthy‘, is streaming online. 

Speaking about the track, Liz Lamere comments “Filthy’s anthemic zombie atmosphere challenges the listener to find the underlying message of hope that is always within Vega’s words and sound.”

Adding to this, Artaud, who helped to mix and produce ‘Mutator‘ says “‘Filthy’ was the first song Liz and I started to mix on Mutator. It set into motion how to work on and produce the rest of the album. Sonically speaking, Alan never lost his edge with age. He kept his intensity and incessant drive for endless experimentation. Alan’s process was more like a visual artist working in sound rather than a traditional musician going into the studio to make records. At the heart of it all, Alan was a poet. His lyrics always hit hard and he was always pushing forward, trailblazing onto the next idea of his vision.

Pre-order Mutator here:

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